English Meaning of tota

Meaning of 'tota' (తోట)

tōṭa. [Tel.] n. A garden. తోటకాపు, తోటమాలి, తోటవాడు or తోటీడు' a gardener. తోటకూర tōṭa-kūra. n. Greens, garden herbs. The green produce of a garden is divided into ఆకుకూరలు or తోటకూరలు vegetables, the leaf of which is eaten, such as spinach and cabbage: and కాయకూరలు of which the pod, fruit, or head is eaten, such as brinjals, cucumbers, &c. కొయ్యతోటకూర or కొయ్యగూర is the phrase for all such plants as sprout after being cut, like camomile: and పెరుగుతోటకూర is the class of herbs which do not send forth shoots after being cut. తోటకూర is also a particular herb, called Braid in French. Amaranthus Tristis, (Rox. iii. 604.) Amaranthus gangeticus, or Amaranthus oleraccus. పెద్దతోటకూర Amaranthus giganteus. దొగ్గలితోటకూర Amaranthus polygamus. ముళ్లతోటకూర or నల్లదొగ్గలితోటకూర the Pricklly Amaranth, Amaranthus spinosus. ఎర్రకోడిజుట్టు తోటకూర or మయూరశిఖి Celosia cristata (Watts.) సిగ్గనగా తోటకూరవంటిది modesty grows anew in the heart like a cropped herb. తోటకూరవంటి like mere green stuff, i.e., weak, feeble తోటకూరవంటిపని a mere greenherb business. తోటకూరగింజవంటిది small as a mustard seed.

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