English Meaning of tippu

Meaning of 'tippu' (తిప్పు)

or త్రిప్పు tippu. [Tel.] v. n. To turn: to be giddy. తలతిప్పుచున్నది my head turns. I am giddy. v. a. (causal of తిరుగు.) To turn, to reverse. To steer or command (a ship.) To wind up (a watch.) To wield or brandish. To revoke, rescind, or alter (an order.) To lead about. To turn or check (as disease.) తిప్పుత్రాళ్లు the cords that turn a churn. n. Turning, a turn తిప్పుట. తిప్పివేయు .tippi-vēyu v. a. To turn back or away, to return, reject. తిప్పుకొను tippu-konu. v. a. To turn, oppose, check.

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