English Meaning of jella

Meaning of 'jella' (జెల్ల)

jella. [Tel.] n. A fish like the dragonet: with a broad snout and three large strong prickles, supposed to be venomous, on its forehead and cheeks. చింతజెల్ల. Bagrus China (Russell Fishes, No. 167.) Bagrus bilineatus, J. (No. 167) నల్లజెల్ల Pimelodus nella, J., three species of Silurus Also జెల్ల (No. 174.) Esox sphyœna jellow and మగజెల్ల (No. 183.) A species of Polyncmus, Hemicampu Marginatus, Swains. Other spcies are నారజెల్ల and గుడిజెల్ల. H. iv. 225.

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