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Meaning of 'v' (వ)

va. [Tel.] The consonant V or W. As with h in English, v in Telugu is sometimes added in places where it does not occur, and dropped in places where it does occur by incorrect speakers or writers; e.g., ఒళ్లు is often pronounced and written వళ్లు and ఊరు, వూరు; while words like వెర్రి and వెచ్చము are pronounced and written ఎర్రి and ఎచ్చము. The initial V is also frequently changed into a vowel or a Y by vulgar speakers: e.g., ఏప or యేప for వేప. ఎట్టి or యెట్టి for వెట్టి.
The initial P (in verse) is sometimes changed into V; thus వోయె (vōye) for పోయె (pōye) he went; వాపె (vāpe) for పాపె (pāpe) he removed.
Sometimes the initial V changes into B, as బలె for వలె 'like.' దీపాంకురపఙ్క్తులంబలె. Bhanumat. iv. 142. This change is caused by the preceding sunna:
Sometimes in the second syllable G changes into V; as పగడము, పవడము.
In prosody stands for వగణము an iambic; more usually written లగము. And in poems stands for వచనము prose.

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